Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

The FAO Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) is an open, neutral platform for multistakeholder dialogue facilitated by the FAO Agrifood Economics Division (ESA). It engages a wide range of individuals and institutions, fostering awareness, knowledge sharing, debate and mutual learning on a wide range of issues that affect food security and nutrition, and food systems. 

Since 2007, the FSN Forum facilitates open dialogue, promoting inclusive policy processes and strengthening decision-making at global, regional and national levels. Read more

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News on food security, nutrition and food systems


Call for experts on urban and peri-urban food systems, food security and nutrition

The CFS HLPE-FSN is looking for a drafting team leader and drafting team experts for its upcoming report "Strengthening urban and peri-urban food systems to achieve food security and nutrition in the context of urbanization and rural transformation". The selected experts will be co-authors of the HLPE-FSN report, will engage with the HLPE-FSN Steering Committee and will participate in the CFS


International Association of Agricultural Museums

The AIMA (International Association of Agricultural Museums has linked East and West Europe since 1966, and today brings together museum, institutional and individual members from North America to India and Japan over vital topics such as World Soil Day on December 5th, 15:00 CET. Attendees will be welcomed by AIMA President Claus Kropp to a first presentation