Dear Karki and participants,

 I appreciate this opportunity to participate in this fruitful discussion on the food system.

I would mention some important points related to food security in developing countries.

- Land fragmentation causes pressure on land, and forest degradation. The high population makes families in most areas overcultivate their plots to maximize crop yield, and other lands are unused.

- We lack the economic scale farm or Economies of Size in Production Agriculture.

- Achieve food security coming through reducing food waste in primary production, food industries, and retail outlets. As well as reduce food waste in consumption sectors households and food services.

 A successful transformative food system must provide farmers and the community with accurate forecasting and resilience. Enforce climate services for small-scale farmers.

Thanks to all contributors for the significant information.

Moammar Dayoub

Ph.D. Agro- economy

Senior Researcher

Faculty of Technology - Turku University - Finland