Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Message from the facilitator

Dear participants,

The e-consultation on the Nutrition Decade has come to a very successful closing. We thank you warmly for your engagement and thoughtful contributions. In addition to the ideas and proposals directly provided to the FSN Forum platform, 185 participants from 60 countries from all over the world offered their insights by answering the online survey. The survey results will be compiled and made soon available at the FSN Forum and at the UN Nutrition website.

The joint FAO/WHO Secretariat of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition will review and take full consideration of your opinions when revising table 1 of the Nutrition Decade’s Work Programme for the remaining years of the Nutrition Decade, to accelerate nutrition actions by Governments and relevant stakeholders.

Some of you asked for some stronger UN voice and more coordination leading to joint UN positions on key global emerging issues that impact nutrition. UN Nutrition will work on your needs and requests soon, so please stay tuned. If you are not yet a subscriber of UN Nutrition, we would like to encourage you to do so and sign up for UN Nutrition e-newsletter and e-alerts.

Thanks again and we look forward to a continued dialogue with all of you as we move forward in UN Nutrition.

Stineke Oenema

UN Nutrition Executive Secretary