Foro Global sobre Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición (Foro FSN)

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Dr. Asheri Kalala

Organización: Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute
País: República Unida de Tanzanía
I am working on:

Research on soil fertility and plant nutrition related to various crops including rice, sugarcane, cassava, legumes, maize , cashew nut, coconut, cocoa, banana, potatoes, common bean, vegetables, tomatoes,
Expert in statistics

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    • Dr. Asheri Kalala

      Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute
      República Unida de Tanzanía

      COCOFe insist on improving soil testing capability for majority of farmers to access that service. Soil testing in developing countries is still expensive to be afforded by small scale producers.

      COCOFe should emphasize a need of soil fertility experts to train extension officers (village officers) who are directly in contact with famers. Majority of extension officer’s knowledge on soil fertility and plant nutrition is still low.

      The COCOFe insist the use of available materials at farmer’s environment like organic residues, rock phosphates and lime materials. The knowledge of farmers utilizing them is still low, yet farmers cannot afford the industrial imported fertilizer to replenish the lost nutrients in fields.

      COCOFe insist the improvement of other knowledge in agriculture like developing high yielding varieties needs to go hand by hand with research on soil fertility. Working close with plant breeders in most cases evaluation of varieties do not consider soil fertility component.