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Sr. Yusuf Abdi Lare

Organización: Livelihood Relief & Development Organization
País: Somalia
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I am an agronomist working in the Field of Agriculture/ specially in the research of Integrated Pest management & microbial resistance factors in Somalia within my Organization on small Farms near Shabelle river but the our challenges are to get funds for this research in Sometimes thanks Mr Yusuf The CEO of Livelihood Relief & Development Organization [email protected] [email protected]

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    • Name Mr Yusuf Abdi Lare Titlle  CEO of Livelihood Relief & Development Organization based in Somalia I am also Agronomist  for at least 27 years  who have worked with different UN, internation & Local NGOs in Sectors of Humaniarian Aid service Dev\livery To jump at my Contribution here in Somalia with the Field of Agricuture facilities & products hazards or destructon, so there are  three main issues 1- floods disater on small agriculture people living on the Banks of bpoth Shabelle & Ja\uba Rivers 2- droughts  3- conflicts anyway there diffirents of agriculture inputs or Investment  to mitigate many lives who are now in Humanitarain crisis at high risks though mostly vulneralble  & mostaffected communities are farmer women who belong to Minority clans , they have fled from Janaale district  & its aound villages some have fled from floods in Afgooye district & some other have fled from Jawhar & Balcad districts ,  also in hiran there recurrency floods & AWD cases plus measels 


      Mr Yusuf 


    • Dear Sir./Madam

      The cases of Covid -19 crisis in  Somalia have been  died down after it rained three weeks slightly so many thanks to Allah who  created us, gives us heath, food,  water & happiness.

      But the standing constraints are as follows:

      1- Relapsing AWD cases  or  cholera

      2- Seen  or existing  some cases of  Measles

      3-Lack of agriculture investment policy for  the small scale farmers

      4-lack of livestock restocking investment for Agro- pastoral &

      pastoral communities in Somalia

      5 lack of youth  & women skills - empowerment &  employment

      6-lack of disability rights consideration

      7-Continuing of  Minority clans' discrimination, marginalization &

      stigmatization  of their color, kind , culture & customs


      Best Regards


      Yusuf Abdi Lare