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Ms. Kayo Takenoshita

Organization: FAO
Country: Italy
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Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations

Kayo Takenoshita has worked for over 23 years in international development and humanitarian assistance with U.N. including FAO and WFP and CSOs in partnerships, advocacy, project management and food security assessment. Her current work focuses on leveraging partnerships with CSOs in transforming agrifood systems.

She holds a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of London as well as a MBA from Warwick Business School in the U.K. 

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    • Dear Participants,

      We are deeply grateful for your invaluable contributions! Your dedication and the time you've generously invested in sharing your thoughtful suggestions on how FAO can enhance its collaboration with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have not gone unnoticed.

      Your insights have been instrumental in helping FAO gain a clearer understanding of the challenges and barriers that exist in our engagement with CSOs. Your recommendation is paving the way for us to make vital improvements and address these issues effectively.

      We recognize the indispensable role that CSOs play in the global battle against hunger. Your technical expertise, close proximity to and advocacy for vulnerable populations, and your presence in the field are a source of immense strength in our collective mission. Rest assured, FAO is committed to steadfastly working towards fostering even closer, more transformative partnerships with CSOs.

      Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your collaboration, and we look forward to a brighter future as we join forces to combat hunger and create a more food-secure world together.

      Kayo Takenoshita, Team Leader

      on behalf of the Civil Society Organization Partnerships team, Partnerships and UN Collaboration Division, FAO