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Prof. Uma Koirala

Organization: Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition, SUN
Country: Nepal
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University as a faculty member and Researcher. I am also the President of Sivil Society Alliance (CSANN)for Nutrition under SUN.

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    • The guideline is very much useful for the country level to make our food system more gender responsive and for equal access to food. Though it is a very common trend seen during trainings that maximum no. of women participants are encouraged to take part despite the fact that men are also seen around doing nothing rather gossiping or wasting time. This type of trend has increased the workload of the women 3 or 4th fold and at the same time these workloads are normally transferred to adolescent girls then these girls are either deprived from education and proper/adequate food & nutrition or acquire low quality education and poor health. So equal no. of men engagement is very very important in each training to reduce the workload of women. 

      Encouraging people to utilize locally produced food in their daily life, promotion of traditional variety, techniques of good productions without environmental damages would trigger for a resilient food system. So we should think about these things incorporated during the training.   

    • Sustainable healthy food systems are a priority of today. Though it is quite vague however we need to address some crucial issue such as availability and accessibility of safe and good food all- year round is quite important. Developing countries where agriculture farming are primary activities need to make aware those farmers to sale whatever remaining farm products only after consumption. On top of these a very high thing is the need of strong governance who could handle the matter very artistically.