In my opinion more focus should be concentrated on: 

1. Providing Climate Smart Agriculture Technology at minimal cost to the young agripreneurs to motivate them to carry on their projects.

2. For a sustainable agroecological system, focus should be concentrated on traditional agricultural practices done by tribals/ethnic groups and finance should be provided to them so that they will not migrate to other places in search of food/shelter.

3. Tribal agroecosystem and forest ecosystem should be should be conserved and promoted by modern technology with proper training to these groups so that Biodiversity Conservation will be carried out on real sense.

4. At the Government level more number of Agriclinics to be operated and with digital transformation each one involved in agribusiness should be aware about this, which will definitely lead to a successful Sustained Agroecosystem.

5. More findings to be given to women self help groups who are involved in agribusiness and their products must be labeled with the name tag of the women group with QR code, mentioning details of their area and modes of operation so that the business can be taken to the international level.