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全球粮食安全与营养论坛 · FSN论坛

全球粮食安全与营养论坛(FSN论坛)是由粮农组织农业食品经济司 (ESA) 主持的围绕粮食安全与营养问题开展多利益相关者对话的在线平台。





2022年10月世界粮食安全委员会(粮安委)全体会议期间将举办一次全球专题会议,交流采用和适用2014年批准的粮安委 《粮食及农业体系负责任投资原则》 《粮食及农业体系负责任投资原则》(《粮安委农业投资原则》的经验和良好实践. 粮安委邀请利益相关者于2022年4月15日前分享他们在适用《粮安委农业投资原则》方面的经验和良好实践,为此次全球专题会议提供参考。





  • Webinar: Climate change, peace and food security. A holistic approach for a sustainable future

    Disruptive weather patterns and climate change have a direct bearing on global food security, so a better understanding of such complex systems is crucial to fighting hunger and poverty. During the virtual event "Climate change, peace and food security. A holistic approach for a sustainable future", the 2021 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Giorgio Parisi, will be invited to join the FAO Nobel Laureates Alliance for Food Security and Peace and will deliver a lecture entitled: "Science: the headlight on our future". Parisi was awarded the Nobel prize for "the discovery of the interplay of disorder[...]
  • Pitch Event of the Global AgriInno Challenge 2021

    The Global AgriInno Challenge 2021, co-organized by FAO and Zhejiang University, aims to encourage youth and women to harness innovation, entrepreneurship and technologies to address challenges related to the transformation of rural villages into ‘Digital Villages’ that contribute to the Four Betters: better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life, while leaving no one behind. Ten youth-led innovation solutions were selected out of 157 applications from 37 countries for their standout entrepreneurship and promising potential for a positive impact on agri-food[...]
  • Webinar: The role of evaluation for climate action

    Building on the outcomes of the recent UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), this webinar aims to facilitate a dialogue on the role that evaluation can play for learning and bringing solutions towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. Bringing together evaluators and development practitioners, the webinar will offer a platform to exchange on the shifts that evaluation practices must undertake to help tackle the climate crisis, while also shedding light on initiatives that trigger transformation at all levels of society, with a focus on development cooperation and humanitarian[...]