About FAO Headquarters

FAO Headquarters location

The FAO Headquarters is located in the city centre of Rome, near the Circo Massimo and close to the Colosseum.  It's a lofty white building that is easy to recognize. 

Registration at FAO Headquarters

On the first day of a the meeting participants are requested to enter the FAO site through the main visitor’s entrance on Viale Aventino close to the Metro station. Participants have to bring their passport and will be invited by Security personnel to proceed through a metal detector in the Visitors Centre before being directed to the Turkish Lounge to collect their building passes (located in Building A in the main entrance). The building pass will be valid for the four days of the meeting.

Participants must bring their passport to be admitted into FAO by security and must have sent their photos by the deadline. For those that do not provide these items, security will not allow them access to the building.

Please note that FAO is a smoke-free area. Smoking is not permitted inside FAO buildings.


Facilities for disabled persons

The FAO buildings correspond to European Community and Italian disabled facility building codes. All entrances at FAO headquarters are accessible for disabled persons in wheelchairs. An elevator is provided in Building A and a ramp is provided in Building D. Accessible restroom facilities are located in Building A on the ground, first and third floors.

Services at FAO Headquarters

Banks: You can carry out all banking operations within FAO, at the branches of Banca Intesa (ground floor, Building B) and Banca di Sondrio (ground floor, Building D). Opening hours are Monday-Friday, 8.40 to 16.30. Next to either Bank you will find cash dispensers accepting international bank cards, at your disposal 24 hours.

Bookshops and Stands: The ground floor of Building B hosts a newsagent, where Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines can be bought, telephone cards as well as bus/metro tickets. Next door is a bookshop selling English and French publications, stationary and postcards. In the lobby area, you will find FAO publications together with trademarked FAO gifts, as well as numismatic and philatelic items.

Lost and found: If you have lost or found something, please contact the Entrance Reception on the ground floor, Building A or the Guard Service, extension 54427.

Meditation room: A meditation area is available in Building A, second floor, room A 250.

Post Office: Also located on the ground floor of Building B. Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 8.30 to 15.00. Mail boxes are next to the Post Office.

Medical Services and Emergencies: A medical unit is permanently on duty Monday-Friday, 8.30 to 17 hours, in Building B first floor, office 162, tel: 53400. For a serious emergency outside FAO, call 118.

Telephone: FAO’s telephone number for a call made in Italy is 06 570 51; for a call made from abroad it is (0039 06) 570 51. All extensions can be reached by dialing 06 570 (not necessary if calling from one of the phones located within FAO) followed by the 5-figure extension required. For telephone information or long distance calls, please call Extension 11. To reach a number in Rome, first dial 0 and then digit the number 06 ...

Travel Agency: You may call upon Carlson Wagonlit Travel agency located on the ground floor of FAO. The Agency is open Monday-Friday between 9.00 to 12.45 and 14 to 17. A small commission may be applied to travel operations.

Wireless internet: Available in the Atrium and in some meeting rooms. Login information: username: guest_internet, and password: wifi2internet.

FAO Restaurants and Bars

Within the FAO buildings there are three coffee shops, a cafeteria and a restaurant. These facilities only accept Euro cash. No credit cards are accepted.

  • Polish Bar: Coffee shop located on the ground floor of Building A. Serves coffee, tea, drinks, cakes and sandwiches all day, with cold meals for lunch. Hours from 7.30–17.00.
  • Blue Bar: Coffee shop located on the 8th floor of Building C. They serve snacks and sandwiches all day, with cold meals for lunch. Hours from 7.30–13.00.
  • Casa Bar: Building D ground floor. Salads and light meals, with cold and hot meals for lunch.
  • Cafeteria: Self-service restaurant located on the 8th floor of Building B. They serve entrees, pasta, grilled meat or cheese, salads, desserts and drinks. Hours 12–14.00.
  • Restaurant: Located on the 8th floor of Building C. They offer a complete ‘menu of the day’ or ‘a la carte’ menu. Hours 12–14. Reservation required (extensions: 54268 or 56823).