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Dryland Sustainable Landscapes – Agency Partners Meeting

The meeting will provide an important opportunity to ensure that experience from country and regional level design processes informs the design of the Global Coordination Project (GCP) and also to develop consensus around the main activities and modalities of the GCP in the following areas:

  • Overall programmatic coordination;
  • Knowledge management and outreach;
  • Monitoring and reporting.

It will also provide an opportunity for development of country investments to be informed from discussion on the following key thematic areas of engagement: 

  • Approaches for the sustainable and inclusive dryland management through inter-sectoral mechanisms;
  • Effective linkages to the LDN impact pathway; 
  • Areas of trans-boundary (regional) cooperation; 
  • Strategies for improving key product value chains and ecosystem services, provided by DSL; 
  • Public and private investment opportunities to support DSL products and services;
  • Main knowledge management needs and opportunities at regional and global level;
  • Potential regional and global knowledge product needs.

To know more, contact Thomas Hammond.