FAO and the GEF

Partnering for Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment

Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation, SFM and Carbon Sink Enhancement Into Mongolia's Productive Forest Landscapes

To enable sustainable forest management by local Forest User Groups (FUGs) in Mongolia in order to improve local livelihoods and secure the flow of multiple ecosystem services and benefits, including biological diversity, reduced degradation, and increased carbon storage, while enhancing resilience to climate change.

Executing Agencies: Forestry Agency; Ministry of nature, Environment and Tourism.

GEF ID: 4744
FAO ID: 613958
Focal Area: Multi Focal Area
Funding source (Trust Fund): GEF Trust Fund
FAO Regions: Asia and the Pacific
Location: Mongolia
GEF Period: GEF - 5
Project Symbol: GCP /MON/008/GFF
Project Cycle Status: Operationally Active
Project Type: Full Size
Co-financing amount: 19,785,000
GEF Grant amount: 3,586,364
Agency fee: 358,636
From: 30/10/2014
To: 24/12/2018