партнерство в интересах устойчивого сельского хозяйства и окружающей среды

FishAdapt: Strengthening the Adaptive Capacity and Resilience of Fisheries and Aquaculture-dependent Livelihoods in Myanmar

To enable inland and coastal fishery and aquaculture stakeholders to adapt to climate change by understanding and reducing vulnerabilities, piloting new practices and technologies, and sharing information.

Executing Agencies: Department of Fisheries

GEF ID: 5702
FAO ID: 628454
Focal Area: Climate Change Adaptation
Funding source (Trust Fund): Least Developed Countries Fund
FAO Regions: Asia and the Pacific
Location: Myanmar
GEF Period: GEF - 5
Project Symbol: GCP /MYA/020/LDF
Project Cycle Status: Operationally Active
Project Type: Full Size
Co-financing amount: 12,885,000
GEF Grant amount: 6,000,000
Agency fee: 570,000
From: 01/04/2017
To: 31/03/2021