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Local decision-making organizations and women’s representation in them

A new local government system was installed in 2001 with the aim of decentralizing governance. The system has three levels of local government: i. district/zila ii. tehsil/town and iii. union. There are 117 districts including 4 city districts, 358 tehsils, 62 towns in City Districts and 6 139 unions.

Zila, Tehsil/Town and Union Councils approve bye-laws and local taxes proposed by the respective administrations. They also approve long term and short term development plans and budgetary proposals (23).

Union councils are often known as village councils in rural areas. Headed by a union nazim/mayor, each union council has 13 elected members or councillors: four male and two female members; two male and two female representatives of the labour; and a minority member (24).

Sources: numbers in brackets (*) refer to sources displayed in the Bibliography