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United Kingdom

Normas consuetudinárias, crenças religiosas e práticas sociais que influem no direito à terra diferenciada por gênero

- Most women in rural Northern Ireland are still excluded from some of the main rural infrastructure. The figure of father/farmer is still accompanied by authority and social status, as is the perception of farming as “a male industry” (28).

Autoridades tradicionais e instituições consuetudinárias


Práticas de fato na herança

- Northern Ireland follows the patrilineal system of land transfer, by which, in practice, women hardly ever inherit farms (28).

Discrepâncias e vazios entre direito escrito e leis consuetudinárias

- Although the Northern Ireland succession law does not discriminate against women, the customary practice of transferring land to male children hampers women’s access to land (28).

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