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Inheritance legal mechanisms

- Under the Marriage Act of 1990, in the event of the death of her husband intestate, a woman is entitled to a certain percentage, at least one-third, of the deceased’s estate.
- The Administration and Succession [Estate of Deceased Persons] Law of 1990 Cap. 4, Revised Laws of Anambra State Volume 1 provides that in no case shall a wife or the daughters of a deceased not get what they are entitled to receive merely because they are women (18).

- The federal law says that women must be able to inherit in the same way as men, but this law is only for women who are married under statutory law and only if there is a will. It does not apply to women who are married under customary or Muslim law and so some customary laws and statutory laws in some parts of the country say that wives and daughters do not have the right to inherit anything (13).

Sources: numbers in brackets (*) refer to sources displayed in the Bibliography