Gender and Land Rights Database


Policies/Institutional mechanisms enforcing or preventing women’s land rights

Since 1998, there have been systematic registration and user-right certification programmes in different regions: 

  • Tigray was one of the first regions to implement the land registration and certification programme; 
  • The Amhara Region followed in 2003 introducing the programme with some donor support; 
  • The Oromia and Southern Regions started the implementation in 2004.

Land Administration Committees (LACs) have been created from the regional level to the community level to implement the programme centred on registration and certification of land rights (9).

The federal government announced a National Policy on Women in 1993, referred to as “Women's Policy”, and the promulgation of a new gender-sensitive Constitution in 1995 (15).

A Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction Programme (SDPRP) was initiated in July 2002.

  • One of its challenges is protecting property rights by holding registration and by issuing certificates that are supposed to guarantee that holders – at least for a period of 20–30 years – will not face the loss of their land from government land redistribution (16).

Sources: numbers in brackets (*) refer to sources displayed in the Bibliography