База данных по гендерной проблематике и правам на землю


Основные организации гражданского общества, включая организации коренного населения, выступающие в защиту равенства земельных прав

- The Aurat Foundation, established in 1987, is a women’s rights and advocacy organization with a particular focus on women’s political participation. The Foundation works in collaboration with civil society organizations and outreaches to all of the districts. It also has a network of information focal points for women at the community level.
In 1999-2000, in response to the government’s decision to distribute land to the peasants, the Foundation initiated a signature campaign that asked for: the inclusion of women in government’s land distribution schemes; the enforcement of inheritance laws and registration of property in the name of women; legislation to ensure that women’s share in all properties and assets acquired by spouses after marriage be legally recognized and secured; and the redistribution of available arable land to landless peasants ensuring that half the recipients be women or have joint title deeds with men (14). http://www.af.org.pk/mainpage.htm

- Pattan Tarraqiati Tanzeem works on women’s land rights with the river based communities of south Punjab. The organization was particularly involved with the rehabilitation of flood affected people following the flood of 1992. In this regard, the Pattan Tarragiati Tanzeem managed to get official funds for the repair of flood destroyed homes to be given jointly to male and female heads of households (14).

- Roots for Equity, established in 1997, is an organization working in raising awareness about women’s land rights in the villages of Sindh. It has conducted research on globalization and its impact on women, especially female workers in sunflower farms in Sindh region (14).

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