Base de Datos Género y Derecho a la Tierra


Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil y de los pueblos indígenas, que promueven la igualdad de derechos sobre la tierra

- The Union of Women Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan became a member of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs and is part of the steering committee for preparing for the next World Congress of Rural Women (8).

- The Forum of Women’s Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) was created in 1995 following a conference of Central Asian women’s organizations. The Forum meets monthly and unites representatives from 15 different Kyrgyz women’s organizations.The activities of the Forum include publishing a women’s informational resource in Russian and Kyrgyz, assisting group members in writing grants and project proposals and sponsoring conferences and seminars on topics concerning women.

- The Diamond Association was established in April of 1994 by women scientists from Bishkek’s universities and the Kyrgyz National Academy of Sciences to promote the physical, social and political well-being of women. The Association has organized two national conferences on the role of women in Kyrgyzstani society. It is now implementing a Gender Protection programme comprised of six distinct components/projects: analysing gender equality in the legislation of the country; increasing the legal literacy of women in the country; improving women's health and supporting their reproductive rights; creating crisis centres to protect women and children from physical and sexual abuse; researching crimes against women; and raising public awareness of women’s issues.

Organizaciones locales con decisiones sobre la tierra y representación de la mujer

- In October 2004, women accounted for 13 percent of the members at the district and municipal kenesh – council – levels and 12 percent at the oblast kenesh level. About 10 percent of the elected women head bodies of local self-government, i.e. 21 of the 455 aiyl-okmotu – rural council – heads are women (8).

- Industry trade unions are active in the country. These are coordinated by the Federation of Trade Unions of the Kyrgyz Republic. Their main task is to establish civilized labour relations in the country. Under the law on social partnership, a system of trilateral social partnership in the field of labour relations was created to reconcile the interests of owners, employees and bodies of authority (8).

Información legal y desarrollo de capacidades en el derecho a la tierra

- Legal counselling on women's rights to land is provided by the Gender Bureau, which is part of the Adilet Legal Clinic – Association of Young Lawyers. The Adilet is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the American Association of Jurists (8).

- The Centre for Agrarian Land Reform and the Women Entrepreneurs’ Support Association of Kyrgyzstan signed an agreement to collaborate in organizing and conducting training courses, disseminating information and materials on laws on agrarian land reform and studying the situation and problems of people engaged in agriculture, including rural women. 
Representatives of those structures worked together at the national, oblast – regional –, rayon  – district – and local levels to teach the public, including women, how to exercise and protect their rights to land and property assets (8).

- The Legal Assistance to Rural Citizens (LARC) project is designed to assist and teach farmers and the rural population in general how to apply the law in resolving their land disputes. In 2003, the project began to offer legal services to the rural population, commercial and non-governmental organizations and clients of international organizations dealing with land and agrarian law issues. Women have approached the LARC for assistance with land disputes. The project is supported by a number of agencies, including the World Bank, the UNDP, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the United States Agency for International Development (20).

- Projects and lending organizations working in the area of agriculture and the processing industry are holding seminars on topics such as land laws, property rights and access by women and the poor to credit resources. In addition, women are being taught how to grow special plants, along with techniques and methods for processing them at home, and how to develop associated manufacturing (8).

- The Diamond Association has developed programmes for enhancing women’s knowledge of the law (8).

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