Base de Datos Género y Derecho a la Tierra


Información legal y desarrollo de capacidades en el derecho a la tierra

  • Many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have provided legal support for women with respect to property inheritance. ActionAid Uganda, which is part of the Uganda Land Alliance, runs a Land Rights Centre which carries out rights advocacy through creating awareness and taking up individual cases. The centre has handled 54 cases on behalf of women and 31 cases on behalf of men. Twenty-one of those cases have been resolved (16).
  • The objectives of The Land Rights Information Centre are to: i) establish the Uganda Land Alliance and its partners as land rights watchdogs for marginalized groups and people living in poverty and as centres for disseminating information on land law and policy or other related issues; ii) provide legal and technical advice on land laws and policies including consultation on the policy development processes and research (9) (
  • NGOs working through networks of community-based organizations (CBOs) have conducted workshops on women’s equal rights, radio programmes on human rights, often in local languages, and training local councillors, law enforcement officers and members of the judiciary (11).
  • The Uganda Law Society, Action for Development (ACFODE), the Uganda Land Alliance, the National Association of Women in Uganda (NAWOU), and the Ugandan Gender Resource Centre (UGRC) all conduct workshops on women’s land rights (11).
  • Various NGOs have built a network of paralegals in the country’s districts to educate women and men at grassroots levels on human rights law, the legal system, the most important legal provisions and mediation skills. Individuals who have been equipped with paralegal skills help raise and spread awareness of women’s and men’s land rights. The paralegal networks cover almost half of the country, constituting the most extensive paralegal network in East Africa to implement, educate and raise awareness at community levels about women’s rights to land, housing and inheritance (11).

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