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Финансирование и положения, гарантирующие женщинам сделки с землей

- About 2 million of all the clients of the lending programme of Grameen Bank are women. Many other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) provide credit to women without collateral by means of micro credit schemes. As of 1999, 75 3001 women had accessed micro credit programmes run by major non-government agencies (17).

- Brac, a Dhaka-based NGO, has lending schemes for women aimed at: i. providing credit to enable women to lease land from private owners; ii. providing credit for production purposes with a special grace period so that women can start repaying the loans after harvest; iii. provide credit for leasing khas land from the government; and iv. purchasing low quality land and leasing it to women, so that they can cultivate the land and repay the loan from the output.
More than 98 percent of the organization’s 7.37 million borrowers and savers are women (26).

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