База данных по гендерной проблематике и правам на землю


Права, закрепленные в Конституции

 The Constitution, adopted in 1972, last amended in 2011:

- Article 7(2): The Constitution is the solemn law of the Republic and any other law that is inconsistent shall become void.

- Article 9: the Constitution encourages special representation of women, as far as possible in local government institutions.

- Article 10: appropriate steps must be taken to promote the participation of women in all sphere of national life

- Articles 26(1) and 26(2) declare that the existing laws, which are inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution dealing with Fundamental Rights, shall be void.

- Article 27: “All citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law”.

- Article 28(1): The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on ground of sex.

- Article 28(2): Women are granted women equal rights with men “in all spheres of the State and of public life”.

- Article 28(3): There shall be no discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth in providing access to any place of public entertainment or resort, or admission to any educational institution.

- Article 28(4): The State can make “special provisions in favour of women or children or for the advancement of any backward section of citizens”.

- Article 42(1): “Every citizen shall have the right to acquire, hold, transfer or otherwise dispose of property”.

- Article 13: The people shall own or control the instruments and means of production and distribution; to this end, ownership shall assume the following forms:

  • state ownership, that is ownership by the State on behalf of the people “through the creation of an efficient and dynamic nationalised public sector embracing the key sectors of the economy”;
  • co-operative ownership, that is ownership by co-operatives on behalf of their members, within the limits that may be prescribed by law; 
  • private ownership, that is ownership by individuals, within the limits that may be prescribed by law (16).

- Article 152 provides a definition of the word "law" which means any Act, ordinance, order rule, regulation, bye-law, notification or other legal instrument, and any custom or usage, having the force of law in Bangladesh