База данных по гендерной проблематике и правам на землю

New info-note on the linkage between gender and land statistics

©Sebastian Liste/NOOR for FAO

Land statistics disaggregated by sex are essential to highlighting the disparities in secure land rights between women and men. They help monitor progress towards more secure and gender-equitable land tenure systems, which are key to boosting smallholder productivity, rural development and food security, and to provide a sense of women’s economic empowerment in agriculture.

With that in mind, FAO has been collaborating with the International Food Policy Research Institute, Policies, Institutions and Markets (IFPRI-PIM) programme to develop a common framework for producing sex-disaggregated indicators for FAO’s Gender and Land Rights Database (GLRD). This information note provides an overview of the five indicators of the GLRD, the key concepts that they capture and their methodology.

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