Poultry projects enhance lives of Afghan women

The outbuildings that dot thousands of backyards in 22 districts of Afghanistan look like miniature houses. Some have curtains hung over the windows and bright designs painted on the walls. In reality, these little structures are chicken coops that the women of the families built themselves with locally available materials.

Participants produced 106 tonnes of poultry meat and 21 million eggs, some for family consumption but most for sale, boosting income.

Constructing the coops was the first step for participants in an FAO training project that was aimed at helping women generate income through poultry production. The project combined classroom teaching and at-home training. Starting with guidance in how to construct the coops, the project raised the standard from having a few chickens scavenging in the garden to having the necessary components for an actual poultry enterprise. As it turned out, the teaching-and-training formula that FAO developed for this project also provided an entry point to support Afghan women in other ways.

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