Sustainable tourism: empowering women and men in Palau


With the support of the Sustainable Tourism Value Chain programme, implemented under the FMM Subprogramme Empowering women in food systems and strengthening the local capacities and resilience of SIDS in the agri-food sector, with partners such as Mountain Partnership (FAO), Slow Food, Sustainable Travel International, and the Government of Palau, Palau's holistic approach to tourism will improve the livelihoods and resilience of communities and ecosystems.

This makes Palau the first carbon-free destination while enhancing women’s and men’s productive initiatives in the sector. It includes a Km0 Food initiative for increasing the productivity of producer´s groups, advancing their access to the tourism supply chain and promoting local Palauan food cultures and traditions, while creating jobs and supporting the role of women and men in sustainable food systems. This reduces the carbon footprint while taking into account the increased promotion of food sources from local producers and reducing the industry’s dependence on imports.