FAO in Geneva

The Liaison Office in Geneva (LOG) advises and assists in the development and implementation of FAO policies and decisions concerning enhanced FAO cooperation and partnerships with the UN system, between FAO and the United Nations and with other international organizations located in Geneva. It serves as the focal point for relations with these organizations.

What we do

Considering the presence of a large number of international organizations, Member States and Non-Governmental Organizations in Geneva, which provides a significant platform for engagement and partnership with key stakeholders, FAO Geneva’s role is threefold:

To ensure that relevant FAO Governing body decisions and the overall work of the organization are brought to the policy dialogues, mechanisms and relevant discussions in Geneva.

  • Coordinate and collaborate with sister Agencies through various inter-agency coordination mechanisms.  
  • Represent FAO at relevant multilateral meetings and fora in Geneva.
  • Engage with other international organizations and Member States, including  through developing strategic partnerships.
  • Identify opportunities with partners in Geneva for collaboration at the country level.
  • Provide technical and analytical input, based on FAO’s work, in relevant negotiations and other processes in Geneva. 

To promote and raise awareness on  FAO’s technical work and activities, among Member States and Organizations in Geneva, and the general public.

  • Provide briefings on FAO’s  flagship publications  (e.g. State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World,  State of Agriculture Commodity Markets, World Livestock Report).
  • Organize events, including with partners, to discuss and highlight relevant and topical issues.
  • Respond to requests from Member States for specific data, information and technical support in the areas of expertise at FAOLOG.
  • Engage with civil society, including academia, on topics and issues of mutual interest.
  • Provide briefings to student and other groupings on the work of FAO.

To serve as the focal point for the 15 Member States that are accredited to FAO from Geneva and two from Berlin.

  • Provide briefings and receive feedback on outcomes of Governing body meetings and other important decisions and positions of the Organization.
  • Serve as the liaison between the Missions in Geneva and headquarters.