Геопространственная информация в поддержку устойчивых продовольственных систем

First AEZ Technical training in Punjab

16/12/2017 - 22/12/2017

Under the "Building disaster resilience in Pakistan (BDRP)" Programme FAO’s Geospatial Unit has been supporting the implementation of Pakistan’s National Disaster Risk Reduction Policy Project (OSRO/Pak/601/UK)in the Sindh and Punjab provinces. The aim is to define more detailed agro-ecological zones, in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab, starting from a previous work developed by NARC, Punjab and Sindh Ministries of Agriculture, Livestock, Co-operatives and Fisheries (MoALCFs) and Provincial Ministry of Forest and Environment (MoFEs).

Consequently, four days of AEZ training study have been conducted by Ece Aksoy, FAO GIS Expert, at the Center for Advanced Studies in Agriculture and Food Security, University of Agriculture of Faisalabad this month.