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Showcase of AgroAdapt: Cultivate the Future - A Simulation Game for Anticipatory Climate Governance and Climate-Resilient Agrifood System Transformation

15/05/2024 - 15/05/2024

Join us for the showcase of "AgroAdapt: Cultivate the Future," a simulation game developed with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This game offers a new approach in addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change in the agricultural food system, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals.

Drawing on real data from the Food and Agriculture Organization's Global Agro-Ecological Zoning System (GAEZ) v4, the game simulates future climate scenarios, integrating factors like land suitability, crop production, and projected climate events.

AgroAdapt invites participants to explore diverse stakeholder perspectives and challenges through engaging gameplay. Developed in collaboration with FAO divisions.

Join us on the 15th of May 2024 for the showcase of AgroAdapt, where we will showcase the critical nexus between scientific research and policy formulation. 

The event will be held in person in the Atrium at the FAO HQ headquarters.