Geospatial information for sustainable food systems

Launch of a Geospatial Platform for supporting sustainable cropland and water management in Libya

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in collaboration with the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the Libyan Centre for Remote Sensing and Space Science have launched the "MerWat-Libya" Geospatial Platform.

This platform, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to support water resource management in Libya by providing comprehensive geospatial information to support sustainable water and crop production while considering available natural resources. It incorporates datasets on crop types, hydrological basins, and soil classification to empower stakeholders with precise data for decision-making.

The launch event was attended by key stakeholders in the land and water managment, agriculture and environment sectors. Deputy Ambassador Riccardo Villa highlighted Italy's commitment to leveraging technology for sustainable agricultural practices. M. A. Maki Abdourahman from FAO-Libya emphasized the platform's significance in advancing water, agriculture, and environmental management. The core team of national institutions signed a partnership agreement to ensure the platform's sustainability. The launch concluded with visits to the offices hosting the platform, signaling a commitment to further innovation and development in the field.

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