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Online Training Session on Visual Interpretation with Collect Earth Online for Land Cover Mapping in Yemen

The online training session conducted on the 18 April, 2024 focused exclusively on enhancing the visual interpretation skills of our partners from the FAO Yemen and Yemen Remote Sensing Center using the Collect Earth Online (CEO) tool. This specialized training was aimed at preparing participants to contribute effectively to the development of an updated Land Cover (LC) map of Yemen for the year 2023. 

Participants engaged in detailed hands-on exercises using CEO, focusing on the visual interpretation of training points that were distributed using a stratified random design. This approach is essential for accurately categorizing land cover types and ensuring the precision of the mapping process. 

Comprehensive preparatory materials were provided before the session, allowing participants to maximize their learning experience during and after the practical exercises. 

By the end of the training, participants had developed a thorough understanding of how to use CEO for visual interpretation, equipping them with the necessary skills collect training data to calibrate and validate a reliable and updated land cover map for Yemen.