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AfriGEO Pre-symposium Training on Approaches in Land Degradation Monitoring in Namibia

The 7th AfriGEO symposium held at the COSDEF Arts and Crafts Centre, in Swakopmund Namibia from 18-23 September, 2023 and Co-hosted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation, and the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology. 

There were three parallel pre-symposium trainings hosted by: ESRI, Digital Earth Africa and GEO LDN & CBAS taking place from 18-19th Sept. There were eight Key sessions: Opening session and a Keynote, Session1: Integrated Decision Making, Session 2: Namibia development challenges and solutions offered, Session 3: EO for Grassroot service delivery, Session4: Strengthening National Coordination, Session 5: Youth session, Session6: Nature based solutions, Session7: Data & Infrastructure, Session 8: Strengthening Human Capital in Africa, Session 9: Awareness podium and a closing session.

During the pre-symposium training hosted by GEO-LDN, Amit Ghosh, Geospatial Expert, participated and provided trainings and live demonstrations of the SEPAL ( Module 15.3.1.

The purpose of the session was to strengthen connections between GEO-LDN and AfriGEO; engage participants in the LDN; introduce new tools and stakeholders; and enhance the decision-making skills of participants by encouraging them to select the most appropriate tool for their decision context.