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A rapid geospatial analysis of the impact of the Tropical Cyclone Gombe in Mozambique in 2022

Year published: 04/07/2022

Mozambique was hit by Tropical Storm Ana on 24 January 2022 and Tropical Cyclone Gombe on 11 March 2022. These extreme weather events caused floods, damages to infrastructure (including roads and electricity poles), the evacuation of several thousands of people to temporary shelters, and the deaths of dozens of people. Furthermore, agriculture in these areas of the country was significantly impacted. Since the beginning of the rainy season up till now, it is reported that a total 220 425 hectares of crops have been lost (OCHA, 2022).

This analysis builds on FAO experience in assessing impacts from natural hazards to the agricultural sector and highlights the importance to of regularly updating geospatial information for vulnerability and impact assessments in support to preparedness and response programs. The accuracy of the results provided can be improved by combining additional information, such as agricultural statistics, and field data.