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Assessing of agricultural drought severity in Afghanistan

Year published: 29/05/2023

Monitoring and assessing agricultural drought is crucial for ensuring food security in Afghanistan. This assessment utilizes remote sensing data and analysis to evaluate drought extent using the vegetation health index1 which combines the vegetation and temperature condition indices retrieved from MODIS products2,3. Monthly vegetation health index maps from December to April are processed and merged to create a comprehensive growing season map, categorized into five drought severity classes for drought impact assessment4. For a better visual representation, the map is visualized by means of a hexagon grid with cells of 350 square kilometers. As can be seen, comparing the drought area percentages in 2018 and 2022, many provinces exhibited higher levels of drought (extreme + severe) in 2018 than in 2022. These findings hold significant relevance for the Afghanistan Emergency Food Security Project, aiding essential information to address food security challenges and implement appropriate interventions.