General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Compliance Committee | CoC


Established in 2006, the Compliance Committee (CoC) is responsible for assessing and ensuring compliance with GFCM decisions and also provides advice and technical assistance in relation to national legislation, the application of GFCM recommendations, monitoring, control and surveillance issues as well as the fight against IUU fishing. The CoC shall, in particular:

  • assess, on the basis of all available information, compliance by contracting parties, cooperating non-contracting parties and relevant non-contracting parties with recommendations adopted by the Commission;
  • request clarifications and express concern to contracting parties, cooperating non-contracting parties and non-contracting parties in cases of non-compliance, prima facie, with recommendations adopted by the Commission; 
  • submit to the attention of the Commission cases in which contracting parties or cooperating non-contracting parties are not compliant with recommendations adopted by the Commission, or cases in which activities by non-contracting parties undermine the effectiveness of such recommendations and adversely affecting the objective of the Agreement, in order to facilitate their identification; 
  • provide additional information, as it considers appropriate or as may be requested by the Commission, relating to the implementation and compliance with recommendations adopted by the Commission, as well as with the provisions of the Agreement;
  • provide independent advice on an institutional and legal basis to facilitate the adoption of recommendations, including in connection with aspects related to monitoring, control and surveillance, and technical assistance and capacity building activities to support these aspects; 
  • undertake other functions or responsibilities as may be conferred on it by the Commission. 


The CoC operates, inter alia, through:

  • Working Group on Vessel Monitoring System and related control systems (WGVMS)
  • Working Group on IUU Fishing (WGIUU)

The database of GFCM decisions and the databases of national legislations are repositories of the CoC complete with up-to-date standardized information on all relevant regulations in place in GFCM countries.


The CoC is coordinated by a Bureau:

   Hamadi MEJRI(Tunisia) - CHAIRPERSON

  Election date: November 2021



You can access the reports from all GFCM statutory meetings here.