General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Scientific Advisory Committee on Fisheries | SAC


Established in 1997, the mandate of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Fisheries (SAC) is to provide scientific, social and economic advice relating to the work of the Commission, as well as support the implementation of multiannual management plans, taking into account a subregional approach. The SAC shall, in particular:

  • collect and assess information on catches, fishing effort, fleet capacity and other data relevant to the conservation and management of fisheries;
  • assess the status and trends of relevant populations of living marine resources, ecosystems and fisheries-related human components, using the appropriate indicators and in relation to agreed biological and/or management reference points;
  • provide independent advice to facilitate the adoption of recommendations concerning the sustainable management of fisheries and ecosystems at the regional and subregional levels, including relevant biological, environmental, social and economic aspects, the ecosystem approach to fisheries, the impact of IUU fishing and the assessment of biological and ecological implications under different management scenarios;
  • keep abreast of cooperative scientific and technical research projects and programmes of interest to the Committee;
  • undertake any other functions or responsibilities as may be conferred on it by the Commission.


The SAC operates through:

  • Subregional committee for the Western Mediterranean (SRC-WM)
  • Subregional committee for the Central Mediterranean (SRC-CM)
  • Subregional committee for the Adriatic Sea (SRC-AS)
  • Subregional committee for the Eastern Mediterranean (SRC-EM)

The subregional committees rely on the technical input of working groups (stock assessment, marine environment, small-scale and recreational fisheries, fishing technology etc.) and on ad hoc workshops. 

The SAC uses the GFCM Data Collection Reference Framework (DCRF) to support contracting parties and cooperating non-contracting parties in complying with recommendations for the collection and submission of fisheries data to the GFCM. The DCRF is regularly reviewed by the SAC and updated as required. 


The SAC is coordinated by a Bureau:


   Alaa Eldin EL HAWEET (Egypt) - CHAIRPERSON

   Election date: October 2018


You can access the reports from all GFCM statutory meetings here.