General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM



The Executive Secretary is responsible for the implementation of the policies and activities of the GFCM. On behalf of GFCM contracting parties, he manages the Secretariat, administers the GFCM autonomous budget, ensures coordination with relevant FAO Departments, promotes the role of the GFCM in relevant fora, secures extra-budgetary funds, and maintains formal relationships with countries and partners.

Mr Abdellah SROUR
GFCM Executive Secretary


The Fisheries team is responsible for coordinating and supporting the implementation of GFCM priority actions towards sound fisheries management and conservation of marine living resources in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, in line with the workplan adopted yearly by the SAC and the WGBS and against the main targets of the mid-term strategy towards sustainable fisheries. It leads activities aimed at enhancing knowledge and scientific advice (stock assessment work, development and implementation of management plans, surveys-at-sea, etc.); supports efforts towards sustainable small-scale and recreational fisheries, including socio-economic aspects; oversees, including in collaboration with partner organizations, work on marine spatial planning (establishment of fisheries restricted areas, protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems, etc.) and interactions between fisheries and the marine environment and ecosystems (bycatch monitoring programmes, adaptation strategies for non-indigenous species and climate change, marine litter, etc.). The team also contributes to managing the BlackSea4Fish Project, aimed at promoting scientific cooperation in the Black Sea region.

Mr Miguel BERNAL
Senior fishery officer
SAC backstopping officer

Ms Elisabetta Betulla MORELLO
Fishery resources officer


Ms Margherita SESSA
Fishery liaison officer

Fishery officer for socio-economic issues


Fishery officer, GFCM subregional coordinator for the Western Mediterranean

Technical office for the Western Mediterranean

Fishery officer, BlackSea4Fish project coordinator

Technical office for the Black Sea

The Fisheries team is supported by the following specialists: Mr Christophe BREUIL (Socio-economic survey) Mr Paolo CARPENTIERI (Fishery resources monitoring, scientific surveys and bycatch), Ms Nazli DEMIREL (Black Sea fisheries and BlackSea4Fish Project), Mr Fabio GRATI (Recreational fisheries),  Ms Aurora NASTASI (Fisheries and environment), Ms Constance VERLHAC (Small-scale fisheries).


The Aquaculture team is responsible for coordinating and supporting the implementation of GFCM priority actions for sustainable aquaculture development in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, in line with the workplan adopted by the CAQ and the aquaculture strategy. The team addresses, in cooperation with relevant projects and research institutions, aquaculture governance and coastal integration, allocated zones for aquaculture (AZA), the interactions with the environment, animal health and market issues. It also provides technical assistance and training opportunities and oversees the work newly established aquaculture demonstrative centers (ADCs), aimed at promoting sustainable aquaculture practices at subregional level.

Mr Houssam Awadh HAMZA
Aquaculture officer
CAQ backstopping officer

The aquaculture team is supported by Ms Linda FOURDAIN (AZA establishment, GIS application and statistical analysis specialist) and Mr Georgios PAXIMADIS (responsible practices, certifications and marketing).


The Legal and Institutional team advises on legal and institutional matters of relevance to the GFCM, including partnerships and cooperation with Contracting Parties, Cooperating non-Contracting Parties and relevant non-Contracting Parties. In line with the CoC workplan, the team regularly assesses compliance by CPCs with binding GFCM recommendations in place and collaborates in actions for the fight against IUU fishing and oversees aspects related to monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) in the GFCM area of application.

Mr Nicola FERRI
Compliance officer
CoC backstopping officer

The Legal and Institutional team is supported by the following specialists: Ms Ani NACHKHATASHVILI (Country liaison specialist) Mr Ahmed SILIMAN (Compliance coordinator)


The Data team is in charge of the management and processing of fisheries and aquaculture data as well as all related technological issues. This also includes the provision of support to CPCs for the transmission of relevant data/information in accordance with binding GFCM recommendations in place. In line with the SAC, CAQ, CoC and WGBS workplans, the team deals with aspects related to the fisheries Data Collection Reference Framework (DCRF) and the aquaculture data network (SIPAM), and supports GFCM activities in the field of MCS.

Mr Federico DE ROSSI
Data compliance officer

Mr Roberto EMMA
Data analyst/MCS assistant

The Data team is supported by the following specialists: Mr Laurent DUBROCA (Fisheries data quality) and Ms Elisa MORENO DE LA CRUZ (Data compliance).


The publishing and communication team is in charge of managing GFCM publications as well as GFCM communication materials and activities. It also provides language support to the Secretariat, including translation and editing.

Ms Dominique BOURDENET
Scientific editing / Translation officer

The publishing and communication team is supported by the following specialists: Ms Adèle PEENAERT (Senior communication coordinator), Ms Ysé BENDJEDDOU (Publications and documentation) and Ms Emma HUBLER (Communication specialist). Other specialists also collaborate on an occasional/project basis: Ms Claudia AMICO (Digital film-making) and Ms Chantal MÉNARD (Communication projects).


The Programme, Administration and Finance team supports transversally the implementation of GFCM activities by ensuring the necessary resources are made available to carry out the work plan agreed with contracting parties and partners. These tasks entail activities mainly related to recruitment, logistic backstopping and operations, travel organization, procurement, support to fund-raising and financial monitoring.

Ms Claudia ESCUTIA
Programme associate

Office assistant

Programme Assistant

  Mr Svetozar GRADEV
Office assistant

The administration team is supported by a number of specialists: Mr Paolo DE DONNO (Operations), Mr Andrea LEONE (Programme), Mr Matteo STARNONI (Liaison).


The Security team is responsible for ensuring the overall security of the GFCM headquarters and maintaining the safety of GFCM personnel and visitors.

The Security team is supported by FAO Security retirees Mr Alfredo RISINO and Mr Sergio SORACE.

The GFCM Secretariat currently benefits from the support of one intern: Ms Alexandria SCHUTTE (Publications and documentation).