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Capacity and activities

With the aim of monitoring the fishing fleets operating in the GFCM are of competence, GFCM collects the following information related to national fishing vessels:

  • Vessel records (fleet register including authorized vessels over 15m)
  • Task 1 (fleet segments, fishing activities, main resources, socio-economic variables, catch, effort, overall by-catch, biological aspects).

Vessel records

Fishing fleet (photo © F. De Rossi)

© F. De Rossi

GFCM gathers information of fishing vessels as recorded into the national fleet register of the countries operating in its area of competence:

  • Fishing vessels in fleet registers
  • Fishing vessels over 15 metres authorized to operate in the GFCM area 
  • Fishing vessels equipped with a trawl cod-end mesh size (minimum 40 mm square mesh codend or a diamond mesh size of at least 50 mm, of acknowledged equivalent or higher size selectivity, for all trawling activities exploiting demersal stocks when operating in the GFCM Area)
  • Fishing vessels that have used towed nets, bottom and mid-water longlines, bottom-set nets in the year 2008 in the fisheries restricted area of the eastern Gulf of Lion as bounded by lines joining the geographic coordinates 42°40'N, 4°20' E; 42°40'N, 5°00' E; 43°00'N, 4°20' E; 43°00'N, 5°00' E.

Resolution GFCM/35/2011/1 on the submission of combined data on fishing vessels

Task 1

Fishing activity (photo © M. Camilleri)

© M. Camilleri

GFCM aims at monitoring the fishing activities in its area of competence trough the collection of relevant information deriving from Task 1, the multidisciplinary GFCM data collection scheme conceived to gather data according to the following schema:

  • Task 1.1 (Fleet and fishing area)
  • Task 1.2 (Main resources targeted and fishing activity per Operational Units*)
  • Task 1.3 (Economic variables)
  • Task 1.4 (Catch, Effort, Overall Bycatch data)
  • Task 1.5 (Biological data)

*Definition of Operational Unit: “Within the context of managing fishing effort by geographical subarea(s), an Operational Unit is a group of fishing vessels which are engaged in the same type of fishing operation within the same GSA, targeting the same species or group of species and belonging to the same economic segment. Fishing vessels may belong to more than one Operational Unit and the composition of Operational Units is subject to change over time.”

Recommedation GFCM/33/2009/3 on the implementation of the GFCM Task 1 Statistical Matrix