General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Working Groups on stock assessment of demersal species (WGSAD) and small-pelagic species (WGSASP)

9 Dec (Mon), 2019 - 14 Dec (Sat), 2019

FAO HQ, Rome, Italy

The WGSASP will run from Monday 9 until Saturday 14. It will include a session on sardine in the Alboran Sea (GSAs 1-4)

The WGSAD will run from Monday 9 until Saturday 14. It will include a session on blackspot seabream in the Strait of Gibraltar

Please note that in order to access FAO HQ, participants will need to send to the GFCM Secretariat a headshot photo with the following characteritics:

White Background, 26mm (width) x 33mm (height) or 190 pixels (width) x 248 pixels (height) not exceeding 100kb