General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

SoMFi 2016

Executive summary
This first issue of The State of Mediterranean and Black Sea Fisheries is a comprehensive review of the status and trends of fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. It includes eight chapters, divided into two sections: a first part on the status and trends of different aspects of Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries, including fleet, catches, socio-economic variables and bycatch, and a second part that gives an overview on small-scale fisheries and describes a variety of management measures adopted by the GFCM, which aim to achieve sustainability of fisheries in the area. The report is largely based on the most up-to-date data available submitted by GFCM contracting and cooperating non-contracting parties, including information on stock status, national catches, fleet and socio-economic aspects up to 2014. This is complemented by information obtained from other sources, including literature review and, specifically in the case of small-scale fisheries, material drawn from the outcomes of the First Regional Symposium on Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea (SSF Symposium), organized by the GFCM in 2013 in Malta. Information is discussed at the regional (Mediterranean and Black Sea), subregional (western and eastern Mediterranean, Ionian Sea, Adriatic Sea and Black Sea) and country level.


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