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Reports of recent GFCM technical meetings (2010-21)

Recent reports of GFCM technical meetings (subregional committees, subcommittees, working groups, workshops, etc.) are available for consultation through this web page. 

2019 (07 November-07 November) Oran, Algeria
Category: CAQ
Tag: Aquaculture, Black Sea
2019 (19 September-20 September) Trabzon, Turkey
Category: WGBS
Tag: Black Sea
2019 (23 July-23 July) Bucharest, Romania
Category: Commission
2019 (28 May-28 May) Ljubljana, Slovenia
Category: Commission
2019 (27 May-30 May) Burgas, Bulgaria
Category: WGBS
Tag: Black Sea
2019 (23 May-24 May) Split, Croatia
Category: SRC