Data Coordination

The GFOI Data Coordination component, while still under development, will support the acquisition, availability and accessibility of remote-sensing data and other datasets and tools for forest monitoring, as well as countries’ ability to use them. It will build on the success of the CEOS Land Surface Imaging Virtual Constellation (LSI-VC) Forests & Biomass Subgroup in making large volumes of space data publically available.

Under GFOI’s second phase, the Data Coordination component will also consider the tools required for storing, accessing, analysing, processing and integrating multiple data inputs for forest monitoring and GHG accounting – an increasingly useful task given the pending boom in the volume and variety of data becoming available as new satellites and other data streams come online.

While the specific activities of the component are likely to include:

  • Influencing the space data community to ensure the systematic acquisition and ongoing availability, in light of increased volume, frequency and variety of data 
  • Providing a forum for collaboration and coordination on the development and availability of tools for data access, processing, integration and storage 
  • Considering options and approaches for the delivery of Analysis Ready Data to meet countries’ monitoring purposes in the context of rapidly increasing data availability and limited internet connectivity
  • Implementing the GFOI Space Data strategy
  • Facilitating access to data and tools to support the activities of the Capacity Building Component, including training and system development support
  • With the R&D Coordination Component, identifying new science and technologies needed to support improved methods for using datasets and tools
  • With the MGD Component, developing and maintaining neutral guidance to allow countries to consider, select and use appropriate datasets & tools to meet their monitoring requirements
  • Supporting the GFOI R&D Programme with dedicated satellite datasets.

The work of the component is based on the collaborative efforts of GFOI’s partners. It is led by the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites who provide the component management functions, in close collaboration with other GFOI partners.

For more information on specific activities, please see the News and Events page. 

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