Agenda R&D Session - GFOI Plenary 2019, Maputo, Mozambique, Monday 8 April

This session is open to all who are interested.


Welcome and introductions

Martin Herold and All (round table)


Introduction to the R&D component of GFOI

Frank Martin Seifert (tbc)


Synthesizing user needs and policy requirements for REDD+ – satellite data, products and services

Sarah Carter


Update on recent activities

Update from R&D teams: technical progress report of 2019, and next steps

Sarah Carter and team representatives


Priority research topics: presentation of plans for 2019 including its four main priorities, and other research avenues:

- Stratified area estimation

- Sentinel data

- Biomass 4th Expert workshop on lessons learned from Accuracy Assessments in the context of REDD+: Uncertainties of biomass maps, emission factors and emissions – next steps for the FAQ output, and a new paper The Role and Need for Space-Based Forest Biomass-Related Measurements in Environmental Management and Policy

- Near real time – update from the Early Warning group (also session organized in the afternoon after this meeting)

- Other research needs

Discussion on next steps for the R&D component, including collaborations with other components (Capacity Building, Data, MGD and also Early Warning)

Martin Herold (moderator)

Inputs from all.


10:40        Coffee break


Assessing existing capacities using CALM: identifying operational concepts, and also those with further R&D needs

- Presentations from the Data Component

- The use of the CALM Framework to evaluate emerging and operational methods related to REDD+ MRV for the CopernicusREDD+ project

Joint session with the Data Component of GFOI

Data Component representatives

Sarah Carter / Martin Herold


Closing discussion

Martin Herold


Close of meeting