Call for proposals: Norway to grant advanced access to high resolution satellite data

24 May 2021

Norway's Ministry of Climate and Environment, via the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) is issuing a call for proposals to grant advanced access to high resolution satellite data. The call is open until the 13th of June 2021.

The call is open to any organization, institution, company or consortium that wants to leverage this resource to reduce and reverse tropical forest loss to contribute to a stable climate, protect biodiversity and enhance sustainable development.

The opportunity is introduced in the context of NICFI Satellite Data Programme launched last year to combat deforestation in the tropics, which gave universal access to high resolution satellite imageries of tropical land masses.

In addition to the images publicly available, the winners will receive free of charge, for the duration of the programme, a set number of user keys to access:


  • not only the mosaics but also the underlying imagery
  • selected scenes from the historic SPOT5/6/7 archive back to 2002
  • daily viewing of PlanetScope imagery 24 hours after capture the data products


Proposals must be made to one of two slots;

Slot 1 – Operational application of the data access

Slot 2 – Research and development application of the data access

Check out all the detailed information and conditions here:


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