Deforestation Alerts (Best practices, and applications)


15:30 - 17:30, Wednesday 10 May


Sheikh Zayed Centre

Meeting ID: 985 9116 1211
Passcode: 77931189

The event on deforestation alerts is a discussion forum focused on the issue of deforestation and the use of remote sensed technologies and data to alert stakeholders about deforestation activities.

The event brings together experts from the field of technology, end users such countries implementing alert systems to discuss challenges and best practices in the use of alerts. The GFOI Early Warning Working Group is already bringing together relevant stakeholders who will be invited to the event.

The event includes short presentations and a panel discussion. One of the desired outcomes is to highlight existing solutions and explore opportunities for further innovation and collaboration among developers, and countries.

Facilitators: Sylvia Wilson (USGS) and Sarah Carter (WRI)

  • Robert Kennedy (OSU)
  • Johannes Reiche (Wageningen University)
  • Erik Lindquist (SEPAL)
  • Paul Berkowitz (University of Hawaii)
  • Ake Rosenqvist (SoloEO)
  • Takeo Tadono (JICA-JAXA)
  • Jorn Dallinga (WWF)
  • Gustavo Galindo (IDEAM)


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Deforestation Alert systems
    • Overview of alert systems
    • Advantages and limitations of deforestation alert systems
  • Case studies and Best Practices
    • Presentation of successful case studies
    • Panel discussion of best practices for alert information creation and use, and opportunities to contribute to improved guidance