Forest Observation Activities in China


15:30 - 17:00, Wednesday 10 May 2023


Austria Room

Meeting ID: 986 5354 3560
Passcode: 88713347

Objectives: We aim at the communicate the forest resource monitoring, disturbance detection and ecological project benefits evaluation using geo-spatial technologies.

Content: This side-event will present the recent progress of forest monitoring in China and UK. The topics include forest mapping, parameters estimation (including height, volume density and biomass) and disturbance detection. The satellites cover Landsat, Sentinel and GF series. The cutting-edge algorithms and operational applications will be introduced. Discussions will focus on the development of annual mapping by the fusion of multiple data sources and active-passive remote sensing technologies.


  • Zengyuan LI
  • Yong PANG
  • Xin TIAN
  • Dan ZHAO
  • Juan C. Suárez


  • National forest resource monitoring using Chinese satellite data – Zengyuan LI
  • Forest resource and conservation benefits from ecological restoration programs in China – Yong PANG
  • Cooperation between China and Europe in Earth Observation on forest monitoring technology and demonstration applications – Xin TIAN
  • Recent improvements of remote sensing based forest above ground biomass estimation in China – Dan ZHAO
  • Remote Sensing and its application in UK – Juan C. Suárez