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L’évaluation des ressources forestières mondiales ou FRA, est l’évaluation la plus complète des forêts du monde et la seule évaluation mondiale établie à partir des statistiques nationales officielles. Cette vidéo fournit une image détaillée du processus et des données de la FRA.
El 2 de marzo de 2020 se llevó a cabo el seminario web “Alta resolución para los bosques tropicales”. Un panel de expertos de diversas organizaciones, empresas y países debatió cómo utilizar las imágenes satelitales de alta resolución de los bosques tropicales disponibles universalmente. El evento es parte de la...
The webinar "High Res How-to: for tropical forests” took place on 15 December 2020. A panel of experts from various organizations, companies and countries discussed how to use the universally available high resolution satellite imagery of tropical forests. The event is part of the new webinar series #HighRes4forests hosted by the...
La evaluación de los recursos forestales mundiales, o FRA (por sus siglas en inglés), es la evaluación mundial más completa de los bosques basada en estadísticas nacionales oficiales. Este video proporciona una imagen detallada del proceso y los datos de FRA.
The Global Forest Resources Assessments (FRA) is the most comprehensive assessment of the world’s forests. This video is providing a detailed picture of the FRA process and data.
Dr Ake Rosenqvist explains the Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) Methods and Guidance Document (MGD) provides methodological advice to countries wishing to make use of Earth Observation data for National Forest Monitoring and REDD+ reporting.
Présentation du programme SilvaCarbon
This video is aimed at raising awareness on the importance of forest data collection, analysis and dissemination under the Paris Agreement, in the context of the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF). It is connected with the elearning course “Forests and Transparency under the Paris Agreement”, which has been developed in cooperation...
Un video sobre el Programa SilvaCarbon (
SilvaCarbon in collaboration with McGill University delivered a Google Earth Engine Training on Land Cover Change Mapping. This training was an introductory two days sessions, meaning a combination of teaching about the platform and what it can do and showing how to get started with Earth Engine. Day 1
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