New webinar series “NICFI High Res 2.0: progress in the tropics”

Building on the success of our first webinar series, GFOI is proud to again team up with @Climateforest @KSAT_Kongsberg @planetlabs @Airbus to host a follow up webinar series. The aim is to explore how countries have been using the NICFI Satellite Data Program to better monitor their forests and enable action to combat deforestation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


When: The webinar will be run over three consecutive days to service the three predominant language groups and time zones of the GFOI community. As below:

  • English: Tuesday 6 September @ 09:00 CEST // 14:00 Bangkok // 19:00 Suva. Register here to participate.
  • French: Wednesday 7 September @ 15:00 CEST and Central Africa. Register here to participate
  • Spanish: Thursday 8 September @ 18:00 CEST // 12:00 US EDT. Register here to participate

As you’ve probably heard by now, GFOI’s leading partner Norway has made high resolution satellite imagery of the entire tropical land mass freely available to all. The announcement, made amidst the doom and gloom of 2020, put a smile on the faces of tropical forest countries and forest monitoring practitioners alike who had long been seeking greater access to higher resolution imagery to support their work.

In September 2020, Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) entered in to a partnership with Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT), Planet and Airbus to provide free access to high resolution satellite imagery to complement other earth observations and provide powerful information to inform action on climate change, forest management and sustainable development.

At the time, GFOI convened a series a webinars to introduce the forest monitoring community to the NICFI Satellite Data Program and, demonstrate how the data can be accessed and used. This initial webinar series was highly successful with record breaking participation from tropical forest countries, development partners, academia, the private sector and others all joining in the conversation. Thus far, the program has registered over 11,000 users from 145 countries around the world.

With the program now operational for over 18 months and recently extended until September 2023, we think it’s high-time we convened a follow up series to check-in on progress and hear how countries have been using the data to monitor their forests. We’ll also hear how the GFOI network has been working to help train countries to make full use of the data and ultimately help inform their climate action and forest management practices.

So please join us, by registering here [English, French and Spanish sessions links] and learn how you too can be making good use of this unprecedented opportunity to access high resolution imagery to take a closer look at tropical forests.


Moderator: Tom Harvey, GFOI Office (English), Inge Jonckheere, FAO (French) and Sylvia Wilson, USGS (Spanish).

  • Welcome remarks (NICFI) – 5 mins
  • Data availability and uptake (KSAT/Planet) – 10 mins
  • Country case studies – 10mins each
  • English session: Cambodia and Ethiopia representatives
  • French: CAFI project representatives
  • Spanish: Peru and Mexico representatives
  • Training and capacity building support – 10mins
  • Q&A (all)

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