Sistemas Importantes del Patrimonio Agrícola Mundial (SIPAM)

When GIAHS Programme meets with SlowFood Foundation

Potato varieties. ©FAO/Liana John

A global interest for sustainable food systems

In constant adaptation, all the producers, breeders, men and women and indigenous peoples of the world, have developed agricultural systems adapted to their environment based on valuable knowledge inherited over time. In this way, they have developed resilient cultivated ecosystems to the most difficult environments, domesticating precious agro-biodiversity and developing a cultural diversity peculiar to each one of them. These systems have proved to be capable of ensuring the sustainable supply of food and subsistence to millions of smallholder farmers, as well as environmental and cultural goods and services shaping extraordinary landscapes.

To raise awareness, safeguard and sustain these remarkable agricultural systems, FAO has launched the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) to promote their dynamic conservation. Indeed, the initiative fosters an integrated approach combining sustainable agriculture and rural development with new approaches and innovative.

GIAHS and SlowFood Foundation: a promising collaboration

Considering that one of the main concerns of SlowFood Foundation is the promotion of local and sustainable agriculture and quality food products, GIAHS and the SlowFood’s approaches converge.

Together, the GIAHS Programme and SlowFood Foundation enhance, through their collaboration, the recognition and the valorization of GIAHS sites as well as Slow Food products. Indeed, several Presidia and Ark of taste products are grown in GIAHS sites. Our Programme and SlowFood Foundation wish to raise awareness and promote these agricultural systems and their products supporting the greatest number of actors, creating a strong network committed to the same objective: supporting food security, through traditional and sustainable agriculture, for all.

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