Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)

Thale Noi wetland buffalo pastoral agro-eco-system, Thailand

GIAHS since 2022


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The Thale Noi Wetland Buffalo Pastoral Agro-Eco-System is a diversified farming system in which the cultural, socio-economic, and ecological elements of the landscape are the results of the longstanding interactions between humans and buffaloes. Over the centuries, pastoralism has shaped and conserved the biodiversity and landscapes while buffaloes adapted to survive in this environment where the land is flooded for almost five months during the year.

The GIAHS of Thale Noi represents an outstanding example of adaptive management of biological and natural resources as well as co-evolution based on deep environmental knowledge guarded by local communities. It consists of a range of mutually supportive practices such as animal herding, fishing, water plant cultivation, harvesting of non-timber forest products and tourism which provide the foundations for local food and livelihood security, biodiversity conservation, and solidarity among local communities.

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THAILAND - Thale Noi Wetland Pastoral Buffalo Agro-ecosystem