Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)

Diebu Zhagana Agriculture-Forestry-Animal Husbandry Composite System, China

GIAHS since 2017

Diebu Zhagana Agriculture-Forestry-Animal Husbandry Composite System is located in the three major landforms of the Tibetan Plateau, the Loess Plateau and the Chengdu basin and also lies in the convergence zone of the three climatic zone: tropical humid zone of Central and South China, the warm temperate zone of North China and the humid zone at the edge of the plateau, the type of vegetation is among the convergence of the Alphine steppe zone, the grassland of the northern temperate zone and the Quercus of the southern warm temperate zone and it is a transitional zone of Tibetan-Chinese culture as well as agriculture and animal husbandry.

Local residents, the unique geographical and ecological location as well as the alpine and barren natural conditions co-evolve and evolve continuously, which forms a unique agricultural production which is relatively closed, complete, compact and self-sufficient.

The macro landscape is the composition of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry in the vertical zone and horizontal space. The recycling and rational utilization of the resources of land, forest, grassland and species are shown on the micro level and produces a variety of products to meet the needs of people’s daily life and production.

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